Birding, and Glacier Cruise to Kenai Fjords National Park (Private Charter)

Full Day Excursion: Birding, Wildlife, National Park Glacier Tour

Departure:   8:00 am to  about 4:00 pm 

Cruise with us into Kenai Fjords National Park, and leave the crowds behind. Experience Calving Glaciers, Majestic Fjords, World Class Bird Watching, and tons of other Alaskan wildlife on this full day adventure.

Meet up with the Captain in the harbor and climb aboard! Ample seating for six guests, heated cabin, and full marine head are standard on our boat tours. 

  • $1800 plus tax/port fee for a group up to 6 people 
  • Lunch, snacks, bottled water, soft drinks, coffee, hot tea, and hot cocoa included.
  • Heated cabin
  • On-board restroom
  • (No Whale sighting guarantee on Birding Trips)

Our Tours meet on the boardwalk in the Seward Small Boat Harbor, next to the “Coho Joe’s” Coffee shop. This is near the top of “B” dock, and behind the “Pro-Fish-N-Sea/Crackerjack” charter office. The Captain will walk up to greet you just prior to departure.

What to wear: Seward, Alaska is often referred to as a ‘Temperate Rain Forest’ and for good reason, although we do get several beautiful sunny and warm days each season. We suggest you dress in layers so that you can adjust for the weather of the moment. A waterproof outer layer is recommended. A light rain jacket and rain pants over a couple of inner layers is going to give you the flexibility for whatever you encounter

    Our Local Summer Bird Checklist:

    Very likely to see:

    • Marbled Murrelet
    • Common Murre
    • Tufted Puffin
    • Horned Puffin
    • Pigeon Guillemot 
    • Bald Eagle
    • Black Legged Kittiwake
    • Glaucous Winged Gull
    • Double Crested Cormorant 
    • Pelagic Cormorant

    Fairly likely to see:

    • Rhinoceros Auklet
    • Red Faced Cormorant
    • Black oyster-catcher

    possible to see:

    • Parakeet Auklet
    • Thick Billed Murre
    • Kittlitz Murrelet
    • Ancient Murrelet 

    We also sometimes see:

    • Harlequin Duck
    • Surf Scoter
    • White Winged Scoter
    • Black Scoter
    • Red Necked Phalarope
    • Peregrine Falcon



    To Book a Birding Tour Please Call  to Check Availability     (907)  422 – 0432